By Sandrine Denier – April 3, 2014

Welcome to the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of LILALOKA,
Self-Learningand Resource Center for the Child

“As flowers blossom in the sun, children blossom in Joy”
Lilaloka is not a school, yet welcomes children of all ages and schools as well, in a spirit of connection and unity.
Lilaloka is not a playground, yet is based on Play, Joy, and inner discovery.
Lilaloka is not a therapeutic center, yet all children are welcome, beyond all categorization and can receive specific support.
Lilaloka is a Self-Learning and Resource Center!
Lilaloka offers a palette of non-directive, non-judgmental and non-competitive, free choice and creative activities.
Lilaloka offers an atmosphere and facilitation towards exploring and developing oneself in one’s own natural flow.
Please come and add a drop of the dream, a heartfelt smile or a flower for the birth of Lilaloka, for the children!

We are so happy to welcome you all at AUROVILLE:
The LILALOKA site, Opposite Kalabhumi, Zebra Crossing Entrance
Tuesday the 8th of April At: 4.30 pm
And ifyou feel like contributing to the beauty of Lilaloka’s materialization, here isour donation account: 252023
Or use the AV donation gateway: http://www.auroville.com/donations/
For more information or question: lilaloka@auroville.org.in