Water has arrived on Lilaloka buiding site!

By Sandrine Deneir – November 17, 2014

To get water on Lilaloka land has been a long and challenging adventure. But finally after 7 months of building with only water tanks provided by Auroville Water service, here it is, the precious and indispensable Water Connection, that we need so much not only for building but also for our magical garden.

Since months, Rajan, our caretaker and active member of Lilaloka is taking care in creating a nursery at his house in preparation for the magical garden of Lilaloka. Time has come to move this baby garden to his mother land, to bring  and grow the magic of flowers and trees on Lilaloka land  and attract our dear friends the Fairies!
On the longer term, the water element will take an important place in Lilaloka project: water is so much an element of joy and learning through spontaneous play! “Playing with water is not only fun, but useful to young children; it nourishes the body and the nerves and has a deep calming effect on children” affirms Partho in his book “Integral Education”.

So, right from the phase 1, the inner garden will offer the beauty of a natural pond surrounded by plants, and we hope whenever possible (according to the funds raised), to also offer a small pool for Sensory Exploration, Relaxation in water, Watsu with children etc.

Today is a special day: we happily welcome the Water element on Lilaloka land!