Visiting Lilaloka Land

By Sandrine Denier – March 5, 2015

Taking advantage that the construction of Lilaloka building is on pause (time to gather enough funds to do the roof in one go), it is a pleasure to guide interested people through Lilaloka Land and to share with them about the concept, the activities, the team etc. Each room has already its own atmosphere: it’s a game to imagine together how it will be and also very enriching to listen to the comments or advices of the inspired visitors.


Thanks a lot to Aviram Rozin from Sadhana Forest who has given some very concrete inputs, to Yvonne Murphy for her inspiring vision of Lilaloka , to Christian Feuillette (AVI Canada) who came with Chandra and Pascal all from Quebec, for their kind support, to Roland Katz who recorded a program there for Auroville Radio, to Joel Boasis for the balancing work of the Land underground energy.

Thanks a lot also to Isa Wagner from AVI Germany who came with Jurgen from AVI Ireland, for their smiling support and for the gift of the colorful German AVI Newsletter covering Lilaloka (available by e-mail). And thanks a lot to Dr.Urvi Chauhan for her deep understanding of Lilaloka connecting the project with her own child centered approach of homeopathy, and for her precious gift to the future Lilaloka Library of her own new book: “From Treating to Transforming, Choose Homeopathy. A designer’s approach for your Child”. It has been also a pleasure to meet with her husband Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, who was offering a seminar on Homeopathy in Auroville, that Stacy Friedlander Gluckman, occupational therapist at Lilaloka, has attended to enrich her approach of the children.


In short, here is what is planned for the Phase 1 of Lilaloka (started to build in April 2014):
The construction of the main building (500 m2, accessible to differently abled people) which gathers several activities and a small kitchen for welcoming people and meetings.
The realization of the magical garden.
The implementation of the following activities : Play of painting, Individual play sessions, Occupational Therapy sessions, Computer based Self-Learning, Creative radio, Guided relaxations, Nature’s Theater, Evolving games, Initiation to Fairy garden, recycle art and a small library.