Lilaloka, the place of Play (in Sanskrit), offers a new educational approach centered on Joy in order to become our own life’s creator. Through Joy the child blossoms, finds his path, gains trust in his potentialities. Joy connects us to our inner child, to others and gives meaning to life: it is a crucial value to recover in today’s world. Lilaloka offers various activities, based on self-discovery and spontaneous self-learning through Play, which allow the child to reveal himself as an individual and amongst others, without competition or judgment. Playing is learning to be and educate oneself to Joy. A child who plays and feeds his inner Joy will be creative, independent and will easily socialize. Later on he will be able to actively open new ways.

Lilaloka is a Re-Source center for children, small and big, having special needs or not, a place where one feels safe and accepted as he is, unique and happy amongst others and where one chooses to be.

« Each human being is a self-developing soul and the business of both parent and teacher is to enable and to help the child to educate himself, to develop his own intellectual, moral, aesthetic and practical capacities and to grow freely as an organic being, not to be kneaded and pressured into form like an inert plastic material. » Sri Aurobindo, The human cycle (chapter: The Coming of the Subjective Age)

« It is the child himself who must be induced to expand in accordance with his own nature (…). A free and natural growth is the condition of genuine development.» Sri Aurobindo, Early Cultural Writings (chapter: On Educating the Human Mind)


  • To create a space dedicated to the child, parallel to the schools, opened to all ages and types of children, schooled or not, with or without specific needs, beyond all categories. There, all will meet and benefit from the energy born from these interactions, each individual being enriched through the differences of the others.
  • To create, within this space, a light-hearted atmosphere of beauty and harmony, based on respect and non judgment. It will encourage contact with the inner child, the very source of Joy, creativity and harmonious collaboration.
  • To bring together and offer individual and collective (but not competitive) activities for children, based on self-discovery and spontaneous self-learning through Play: the “Play of painting”, individual Play sessions, recreational horse-riding for children with special needs, a specialized library for children and educators, a magical garden, nature’s theater, meditation and painting sessions, collective games and other activities in a later phase. By bringing these activities together, education through Joy will take its real place.
  • To offer a support to special needs or differently-abled children (and to their parents). These children are sometimes misunderstood and many have new needs and capacities which have not yet been recognized. There will also be a follow up in collaboration with the schools, in order to help the children to integrate harmoniously in the groups.
  • To share knowledge, offer trainings and demonstrate new visions and educational tools, treating the child as a soul in evolution. Lilaloka’s team will work in collaboration with schools, parents and educators towards an evolution of the relation to the child. There is a growing demand for new ways of education, coming not only from Aurovilians but also from Indian residents and guests of Auroville coming from all over the world. Lilaloka wants to be a place of active and concrete research in this field.
  • To laugh and Play!


The centre is open to everyone and is an educational place for all, keeping Aurovilians as a priority. Lilaloka welcomes school children as well as children involved in other initiatives such as home-schooling. In Lilaloka, an accessible infrastructure for children with different abilities is provided. Adults are also welcome in the mixed age groups activities like Play of Painting, for trainings…

Our dream for the full realization of Lilaloka

Drawing by Emanuele Scanziani