An original library will offer books selected for their uplifting qualities, children’s stories, books on new ways of education… and will also be a place of creativity and imagination: storytelling, creation of stories and a Puppet Theater. Some quiet games and audio CD’s will also be available.

This library will be a place of knowledge, creativity and discoveries, dedicated to the child. It will be open to all, and will also offer a section on education for adults. In this playful, joyful and quiet place, the child will read, borrow books and enjoy this creative space for story -writing, -telling, -play acting… As we will also have a puppet theatre. There will be small “cells” where children can be alone if they wish, in a cocoon atmosphere.

Children section

What type of books will be in Lilaloka’s Library? Books of high quality will be displayed, which means quality of stories, language and images:

  • There will be inspiring and instructive stories: On the themes of love, beauty, courage, strength, simplicity… True stories of people who have achieved great accomplishments, which show that everything is possible, of great Artists and Compositors, of people who saved or helped the others, of different countries (ways of life). Fairy tales of different countries, books on special beings like fairies, gnomes, angels… Stories on the processes of life and death, which are central subjects for children.
  • The language (orthography, grammar, vocabulary) is also of considerable importance. Children not only read a story but also learn to speak and write correctly while reading. We carefully review all the books which come to us.
  • Illustrations of artistic quality allow the early refinement of the children’s taste.

We will also have audio CDs of story-telling, which a child can borrow or listen to in the library with head-phones.

Adult section

This part will be dedicated to education and aimed at parents, educators and teachers. Will be displayed:

  • Works of relevant people who tried new ways of education: Maria Montessori, Arno Stern, Partho…
  • Practical books on education: alimentation, how to take care of babies and infants, alternative healing methods, integral psychology…

Creative section

Lilaloka wants also to offer a space to create and tell stories, which appeals to the child’s own imagination and creativity. This will happen in many ways:

  • A child can ask us to read him a story.
  • There will be a special desk for anybody wishing to write or illustrate a story, with nice materials ready on it. The library staff will be there to help (for example a young child who cannot write yet can dictate his story).
  • Story-telling afternoons or evenings will be organized.
  • There will be a room especially for puppets, creation of stories…