By Sandrine Denier – December 8, 2012

Our coordinators speak in pictures and words, about their workshops this month (happening in different places in Auroville until Lilaloka is built.)

Evolving Board games by Véronique:
“Here it is, the group of games starts to take shape. We are a dozen children and adults spending the Saturdays afternoon at theButterfly Barn and sharing real moments of joy. The workshop offers twenty different kind of games, but the collective boards games have the greatest success: Dixit, Solo and Jungle Speed are currently at the top of the hit parade of the proposed games. We have real fun, all ages mixed! “

Leela, the game of self-knowledge, by Véronique:
“It is in a total peacefulness atmosphere that the “Leela’s” gaming sessions take place on Sundays at the Butterfly Barn. Everyone is focused on the evolution of their own checker and ponder the meaning of the square where it lands. This game requires a good amount of personal research and a deep desire to know oneself better.

Nature’s Theater, by Anna
“Today, on the playground of Nature’s theatre, we drew our first point and proved that we are all stars. I felt so happy; it was full of magic and surprise. We all twinkled full of joy and excitement with our

The horse therapy, by Marianne
The magic of the horse and the natural environment gives a special meaning to these Equine Therapies.
Everything happens peacefully within this trio. The links which are forged create touching and tender moments and the work focused on the capabilities and possibilities of the individual, rather than its difficulties and disabilities, takes all its meaning.