Planting “Prosperity” at Lilaloka Land

By Sandrine Denier – April 19, 2015

Since 2 years, Rajan, active member of Lilaloka, has been creating a nursery at his house in preparation for the magical garden of Lilaloka. The plants have recently been transported to the Lilaloka site to start to prepare some sections of the garden.

Today (18th of April 2015) was really magic since we decided to plant a beautiful “Prosperity Tree” (Couroupita guianensis or “Cannonball tree”) next to the Lilaloka Phase 1 Building.

To welcome this baby tree, Rajan had already prepared the hole and he decorated the area around it with lovely flowers and pots.

Then together we (Rajan, his wife Kasturi, his daughter Sundari, Elumalai the watchman and Sandrine a Lilaloka Team Member), lit some incense and evoked prosperity on Lilaloka Land, to help us restart construction and complete the Phase I building. We also prayed to Sri Ganesh.

As you can see, in India, all action can be very spontaneously an occasion of devotion and this enhances the sacredness and beauty of life .

Thank you Rajan and family, and Elumalai! Thank you India!

The “Prosperity Tree”

Remains only with him who offers it to the Divine.
Couroupita guianensis
Cannonball tree
Large very fragrant light to deep red flowers with six wide fleshy satiny petals and a prominent central hood ending in numerous yellow-tipped stamens; borne in long pendulous racemes directly from the trunk and main branches. A moderately large tree with unique cannonball shaped fruits.