NEWS from Lilaloka construction in India

By Sandrine Denier – January 25, 2016

NEWS from Lilaloka construction in India

The building of Lilaloka is currently under construction (by the end of February 2016, we hope to have put the roof: the metal work is going on, see photos below).

Lilaloka is a project that has till now been supported by individuals and in many ways it’s beautiful to see what can be achieved by people who believe in change.

Meanwhile, we organize our special activities for children in different places and welcome our well-wishers quite often for a guided tour of Lilaloka land, where we develop our plant nursery.

Lilaloka, as you probably have seen on our website is a concept of education based on non-judgment and learning through joy, whereby children get access to their inborn potential. We have seen and believe that children have an immense capacity for self learning if we provide them with the right environment and resources. It is a project for all children, with and without ‘special needs’, where we will offer individual and group activities, mixing the ages.

Lilaloka is born through the meeting of several educators sharing the same dream and believing it was needed and possible, even more so in the context of Auroville and India where there is such a demand and openness towards new educational approaches.