Nature’s Theatre, an introduction by Anna

By Sandrine Denier – August 11, 2015

Nature's Theater image

Here is some pictures of Anna Oyevaar presentation at the Teacher Center at Auroville (South India), the 11th august2015:

Anna (Art teacher and teacher trainer) shared her experience, her work and how she started to create her material and activity guided and inspired by the children themselves.

Nature’s Theater is a playground where we play with points, lines and shapes. To witness their birth, we learn to work with a sacred tool, the compass, and discover the magic behind simple shapes. All developed material can be borrowed by the schools.

Anna Oyevvar  Anna Oyevvar with children

It all started about 15 years ago when Anna inherited some books about sacred geometry. Three years later, she got the opportunity to be a substitute teacher for a group of 13 hyper-active boys aged 13/14 years old (special needs class). On her first morning, when they heard she lived in India, they became most interested in meditation and asked her if she could teach them the technique. Well, she thought that could be a good start. After the tea break, when she walked back to her classroom, there was chaos in the corridor. The group had told all the other children that Anna would teach them meditation, which they believed was magic and they would learn how to make tables and cupboards fly through the school. So they had started the process by moving around tables, cupboards and whatever they could find. Reviewing that difficult first day on her way back home, she knew she had to do something, but what? The picture of the man in the circle, Leonardo Da Vinci appeared in front of her eyes and suddenly she knew what she had to do: geometry, playing with sticks and ropes, make points and draw circles. She developed stories around it and was touched by the joy and interest of the group. She worked in three more schools with the material she created and when she realized the impact on the thirst and enthusiasm for learning, creating and understanding of the group, she knew she wanted to research deeper in this subject and develop material to share with teachers. In the last years, she developed a lot of material, games and stories. Finding herself in Lilaloka is magic and will provide her with a place in Auroville where she can share, research and develop Nature’s Theatre further.