Nature’s Theater, a Lilaloka activity offered by Anna

By Sandrine Denier – January 10, 2016

Nature’s Theater, a Lilaloka activity offered by Anna

Anna, a Lilaloka team member, studied Art and Education and is a teacher and teacher trainer by profession. In Holland, she worked in experimental schools and schools for children with learning and behavior difficulties. She developed stories, activities and games through which we reconnect with nature, listening and becoming aware of the sacred life cycle we share. She is offering Nature Theatre’s workshop (for more details, see our Activity page on the top menu: click Nature Theatre) in different schools, while waiting for Lilaloka phase 1, currently under construction, to be ready.

During the second term of this school year, she gave a workshop of six sessions (1 ½ hours each) in Transition school in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India.

She is sharing with us her experience (enjoy the report written by Anna just below).

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 Nature’s Theatre plays in Transition school

On the second term of 2015, I gave a workshop in Transition school Auroville of six sessions of 1 ½ hours.

The first session of Nature’s Theatre introduced us to the birth of shapes, the use of a compass. We experienced the magic of a first point on an empty place, how this opens to so many possibilities. We related this to ourselves and our surrounding.

Guided by the stars from the book “1, 2, 3 and a Star We-be” (that I wrote and illustrated last year), we learned to make our first construction. With this construction we proved that we are like stars. We also proved with this game that we are all one and the same, with different parts to play.

Every time I work with a new group and do this introduction it creates a harmonious and joyful atmosphere. The fact that we are all in the same space making a point of ourselves and from there create the space we take on earth, experiencing that there is enough space for all of us, creates an environment of harmony.

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The second session we started with a game “A point of view”. This game showed us in a very simple clear way that all our different points of views put together gives a bigger picture. This game is a preparation towards cooperation, essential for the joy of working together when all ideas are valued and listened to. This group decided to create three worlds: The fairies, the pirates and the animal worlds. A group makes the dolls and characters of those worlds. For the making of the dolls, we use the principle of our first construction, the five pointed star within the circle. This helped us to get the right body proportion.

In the last four sessions, we created our worlds, played and developed our stories. There was a lot of joy and we all worked with enthusiasm.

Lots of gratitude towards this group and their teachers, it was a joy to work with them.