Marking the Outlines of Lilaloka’s Building

By Sandrine Denier – August 4, 2013

One more big step for Lilaloka on 31 of July 2013: We have drawn (with sticks and ropes) the outline of the future building on the Lilaloka site. You can see a part of Lilaloka team in action: Yvelise, Sandrine,Veronique and Anna, with: the architect Sigi, the builder Anan, and the caretaker Rajan. We started to feel the mystery of a dream coming true and finally touching the ground! Lots of excitement for us all! We hope that we can lay the foundation stone within a few weeks. We still need more funds for the first phase of the project; marking the outline connected us to this harsher reality too. We have fund raised already around 50 lacks but our builder Anan estimates that 40 lacks more will be needed. Now we have to dream, pray and raise funds even more!

Sandrine and Yvelise

Sigi and Anan

Veronique,Sigi, Anan, Anna, Yvelise


Yvelise and Anna

Walking on The beautiful land of LILALOKA