Love is the word

By Sandrine Denier – February 10, 2015

A sharing from Marianne.

I would like to share one of the magical experiences I had with my team mate Persian Sky. Persian is a very gifted horse with a golden heart. We are working together since 10 years with children who need some special attention and sometimes adults. The one I m sharing with you is about a woman, in her fifties and terrify by the mere view of horses. We met “accidentally” and talked about her fear. Feeling her desire to grow out of it, I talked about my work and we decided to have a try with Persian. So on a sunny and sweaty Sunday morning, there we are, in a paddock with a 500 kg horse at the end of a lead rope. Persian, hyper sensitive and tuned as usual to the needs of our “patients” starts by playing the indifferent one. He walks around with the terrified woman next to him, clutching the end of the rope and trying to make him walk, stop and even trot! What he does with a good will. Minutes passing by, the tension decreases, so I decide to stop, free Persian and start chatting with my friend who is safely behind the fence. I observe Persian, from the corner of my eye, moving slowly but steadily towards us, finding that the grass is much better right between our toes! Precious moments where without words or judgment contact is made. The woman cools down, start stroking his nose, not even bothered anymore by his moves. After a while we go back, tack Persian on the pole and there magic happens. The woman goes near Persian and start talking to him. I retreat in the back, becoming an humble human looking at an amazing picture unfolding in front of her. Persian has his head and neck above the woman head and she strokes him under his chin. His eyes are half closed. One move and he walks on her foot. But he remains as a statue. After 15 minutes the woman comes out of her spell with brimming eyes. She tells me that for the first time in her life, she had understood what full and unconditional Love means.  There are no words to describe the moment, we just hug each other. My heart goes to my beloved Persian who still showed me after 12 years what is Unconditional Love. Thank you my friend. I Love you.