By Sandrine Denier – January 10, 2013

The new phase 1 is both more attractive and functional thanks to the plan of Sigi, our new architect. It will be faster to build and will allow more activities to be accommodated.
Now Lilaloka phase 1 will have:
1 – The main building, which will accommodate several activity rooms.
New in this revised phase are:
• A soundproof room for Creative Radio and Computer Based Educational Research.
• A small temporary Library (the big and definitive one is scheduled for the second phase) which will also serve as a Games library.
• A large covered area for multiple activities, such as the Evolving Board Games
• An indoor garden, alive and protective, adding to the atmosphere of beauty and peace.
2 – If the budget allows it, an ecological hall, collective toilets, a storage room and a simple house for the caretaker of the premises (if not it will be in phase2).
3 – The surrounding magical garden.
4 – And ,as earlier, the following activities: Play of Painting, individual Play Sessions, creations in Sand Box, Creative Radio, Guided Relaxations, Nature’s Theater, introduction to gardens and flowers, Evolving Board Games and Recreational Horse Riding (in Baraka).