By Sandrine Denier – September 9, 2014

On Lilaloka land, with Mauro,a regular aurovilian donor visiting from abroad,
and Sigi, Anan,Stacy, Anna, Sandrine

Making a dream become a reality is always an ambitious challenge. Along the way towards the materialization of Lilaloka, we went through all kinds of initiations, experiences, learning (architecture, fundraising, administrative processes, team building etc.) and still do : perseverance and patience indispensable !
Today, the building phase is going on happily and more than ever we would like to express our deep gratitude to all the donors: more than 100 to this day !The team of Lilaloka thanks from the bottom of its heart all those who already made a gesture to help to the realization of this new experience in education, and all those who send us positive thoughts for its completion and its success.
Thanks to them all, and to the future donors as well, we keep the faith and courage to pursue this dream and to work towards its materialization.
Here is a link which will allow you to donate online from India and abroad, directly to our LILALOKA account, at the Auroville Financial Service:
In order to be able to follow up properly our accounts, and to thank you wholeheartedly, please inform us via e-mail of your kind gesture:
Lilaloka’s charter:
Lilaloka is a center to help find your center. It’s a peaceful place for children of all ages.
Lilaloka proposes free choice activities based on non-judgment, serving each one as a unique person.
At Lilaloka, you play very seriously and you learn very playfully.
To be in Lilaloka, you just have to be yourself.





in zebra colors, to mark the entrance of the Mahakali park) – 3 meters further, on the left, you will see the brand new entrance panel of Lilaloka First
Phase (photos below for the far away adventurer-researchers). Feel free to bravely enter the Lilaloka and admire the birth of the phase one rising from the Earth!
It’s magic AND it’s real !
Enjoy the dream come true of Lilaloka : “A place where Play transforms, where Joyopen the path”.