By Sandrine Denier – August 15, 2014

The foundations of Lilaloka are finally finished! It is with enjoyment that we will see the walls slowly rising from the ground.
It is a busy time for the Lilaloka team: every detail of each room must be accurately thought out and then added to the plans to refine thebudget. This estimation of details is a necessary step because Lilaloka is a project under the international institute of educational research SAIIER and thus has to follow its administrative procedures to release the funds which were raised.
It is an intense moment of meticulous but exciting work at the same time: how to add the beauty? What material to choose? What window, which door, the type of flooring? It is also necessary to position the lights, the grips, the ventilators, the shelves, and begin to imagine the furniture. All this to the exact centimeter and it makes many centimeters to study for a place of more than 500m2!
Of course, we try to keep some room for manoeuvre to be also able to decide when we have a more advanced vision of spaces in a few months. Certain things will become obvious to us later, but to start building we need to plan now! And Sigi our architect and Anan the builder insist on that.
Giving body to our shared vision continues to be a sacred challenge for us who are firstly educators. We thus learn enormously, both on the external process so complex for us and especially very slow, and on the internal process: to keep hope, to keep the dream very alive, because it also helps in the realization. And then we wish to favor a harmonious relationship within the team, but based on the authenticity which implies a refined degree of communication. We try our best, aware that we cannot advocate a new education based on listening and trust in the innate potential of each and behave differently in the team. So our watchword is ” to follow the stream and keep the Joy “.
We hope that abundance will flow as it did until now and that the funds which we so much need to continue the construction of first phase are going to arrive. This obviously does not prevent us from searching actively for funds and from developing our contacts. But with enjoyment and with faith!
Because Lilaloka is the place where Play transforms and where Joy opens the Path!