Lilaloka First Creative radio workshop with Deepanam school students (Sept.2013)

By Sandrine Denier – September 21, 2013

The aim of this first creative radio workshop was to introduce all the students of this group to radio and to the use of the recorder: Zoom H2 as means for self-expression and creativity. Then in a second
phase, they will be able to choose to continue with more individual or small team projects.

The first day:
Children have been introduced to the specificity of radio.
Then we did a sitting guided relaxation (blindfolded eyes) recalling well being and a beautiful memory of their own life in all details (images, sensations, atmosphere, feelings and thoughts etc.). Keeping it alive, they wrote thismemory down in their mother tongue and in English.
Some students read their text in their mother tongue and the class enjoyed the music of known and unknown languages, trying to guess the story.
To finish, two by two, they did a feedback session by reading each other’s texts and giving constructive ideas to improve if needed. They had to check if enough was described to arouse and stimulate the imagination and emotion, as if they speak to their best friend.

The second day:
Introduction to the use of the recorder and practice of the
speech with and without headphone, discovery of their own voice, rewriting, reading and
listening to their text, rehearsal. Except for Hannah and Chandana already at
ease (they have done their “Service week” with AV Radio), they were all
excited, very surprised and happy to discover and explore their own voice and
to get to know by themselves the use of the microphone (right distance, right tone etc.)
Most of them asked to practice more before to record and
explored a way to make the text sounds more “natural” and alive by not reading
all the time, looking to their partner while talking, remembering even more details, rephrasing etc. They also gave feedback to each other in a spirit of collaborative progress.

Third Day:
Two by two, the recording session finally happened.
Again the students were keen to perfect themselves by recording several versions each time better.
Some even started to record freely around the school with the zoom H2, to catch some atmosphere, sound-scape, having lots of fun and more and more self-confidence and creative ideas, exploring by their own.
Workshop led by Sandrine with Hanna, Chandana, Atman, Sai, Leela , Datchiani, Meera, Arnav, Abinash, Satyamayi and Mahavir and Bhakti.
One more session will happen to make them listen to the final product: their collective “sound painting” of their best happy memories!