Lilaloka entrance stone and the inner child

By Sandrine Denier – March 14, 2015


These pictures offer a glimpse of Claire renovating the beautiful entrance stone of Lilaloka. Claire is one of our well-wishers and a resource person for Play of Painting (see “Activities” page).

The entrance stone represents at the same time the physical child and the inner child or  “psychic entity” inside all of us (the golden circle at the level of the heart) which is the guide of our travel and learning true life.



In its own modest way, Lilaloka wishes to offer this atmosphere of freedom and creativity, propitious to the natural development of the child, through the discovery of oneself as well as through the autonomous learning which ensues from it. The activities which are offered simply give to each one the space and time to express in his unique way and at his own rhythm. No judgment, no curriculum, no imposed topic, free choice amongst individual and collective (mixed ages) activities, a calm and concentrated atmosphere which encourages self-observation and one’s own self-blooming: these are a few keys of the project.

The Psychic Education (extracts of an inspiring text)

“Every human being carries hidden within him the possibility of a greater consciousness beyond the frame of his normal life through which he can participate in a higher and vaster life. Indeed, in all exceptional beings it is always this consciousness that governs their life, and organizes both the circumstances of their life and their individual reaction to these circumstances. What the human mind does not know and cannot do, this consciousness knows and does. It is like a light that shines at the center of the being radiating through the thick coverings of the external consciousness. Some have a vague perception of its presence; a good many children are under its influence which shows itself very distinctly at time in their spontaneous actions and even in their words.

Unfortunately parents most often do not know what it is and do not understand what is happening in their children; therefore their reaction with regard to these phenomena is not happy and all their education consists in making the child as unconscious as possible in this domain to concentrate all its attention upon external things, thus forming the habit of looking upon those alone as important. (…)With psychic education we come to the problem of the true motive of life, the reason of our existence upon earth, the discovery to which life must lead and the result of that discovery: the consecration of the individual to his eternal principle.(…..)It is through the psychic presence that the truth of an individual being comes into contact with him and the circumstances of his life. In most cases this presence acts, so to say, from behind the veil, unrecognized and unknown; but in some, it is perceptible and its action recognizable; even, in a few among these, the presence becomes tangible and its action quite effective. These go forward in their life with an assurance and a certitude all their own, they are masters of their destiny. It is precisely with a view to obtain this mastery and become conscious of the psychic presence that psychic education has to be pursued.

The straight-point is to seek in yourself that which is independent of the body and the circumstances of life, which is not born of the mental formation that you have been given, the language you speak, the habits and customs of the environment in which you life, the country where you are born or the age to which you belong. You must find, in the depths of your being, that which carries in it the sense of universality, limitless expansion, termless continuity. Then you decentralise, spread out, enlarge yourself; you begin to live in everything and in all beings; the barriers separating individuals from each other break down. You think in their thoughts, vibrate in their sensations, you feel in their feelings, you live in the life of all. What seemed inert suddenly becomes full of life, stones quicken, plants feel and will and suffer, animals speak in a language more or less inarticulate, but clear and expressive; everything is animated with a marvellous consciousness without time and limit. And this is only aspect of the psychic realization. There are many others. (…)

It is like the explorer’s journey through virgin forest, in quest of an unknown land, towards great discovery. The psychic being is also a great discovery to be made requiring at least as much fortitude and endurance as the discovery of new continents.”

Author: Mirra Blanch Rachel Alfassa.