Invocation to Lilaloka on Lord Krishna’s Birthday

by Sandrine Denier – August 26, 2016

Dear Lilaloka,

Today, on the anniversary in India of the God Krishna, I do not hesitate, I invoke you, impatient as I am to see you being born (as a mom in the 9th month of pregnancy, ripe for the discovery of the face of his long-awaited child): If you are ready, thank you for coming fast, for being embodied quickly and easily in an endless stream.
Here we are halfway to the completion of your building on this piece of precious land which was gracefully entrusted to us for your realization. You already vibrate at this site with a beautiful and soft energy of Joy, ready to welcome the children and feed them with tenderness and respect, freedom and self-discovery.
Our team of dedicated educators is ready to introduce you to the children waiting for you.
Krishna aren’t you also this eternal child playing in an eternal garden about whom Sri Aurobindo speaks?
On this special day in India, I repeat my request as a playful and heartfelt mantra inspired by the eternal child Krishna: For the second half of the construction (as the roof is put on the current building): May Thy Construction be (finally) ‘child’s play’!

Love & Gratitude