Inviting beauty to lilaloka

By Sandrine Denier – April 3, 2015

That’s the magic of an international community place like Auroville (Tamil Nadu,India) based on giving and brotherhood!

Eva, a painter in Auroville, donated Lilaloka 3 paintings radiating the spirit of childhood, the spirit of Lilaloka. Here is a picture of some of the members of Lilaloka around one of the paintings and other works from Eva below. We call beauty in this project with all our heart because it is naturally generative of creativity, joy and expansion of being, the essential conditions for the harmonious development of the child. Thank you to Eva and artists who would like to participate, in the near future we hope, in the finishes of our Lilaloka building phase 1 (currently under construction) by providing this essential element.

Let beauty be your constant ideal. the beauty of the soul, the beauty of sentiments, the beauty of thought, the beauty of the action, the beauty in the work, to that nothing comes out of your hands which is not an expression of pure and harmonious beauty. And the Divine Help shall always be with you.” Mira Alfassa