Life itself being a game in constant evolution, the rules evolve with and according to the public, on the basis of existing games. We also create new games. Respect, responsibility, autonomy, love and sharing are the basis of this activity.

Introduction and basis of this work

Respect of all and of each one, responsibility for one’s actions and speech/words, autonomy on the individual as well as collective level, love and sharing are essential parts of my work. Like the five fingers of the hand, they are indispensable and interactive.
The key points:

  • Play is life!
  • Playing transforms all negative aspects of life in positive acts.
  • There are neither losers nor winners, but only players who make the experience of a sharing.
  • I am, therefore the play is and so I am.
  • Everything is possible while playing.
  • Everything is possible with everyone.
  • The inner child lives in each one of us and, each person, whatever his or her age, can discover this world he/she has inside and let it flower through play.
  • A game can be the ignition key for all type of knowledge (reading, writing, calculating…) and can develop qualities which sometimes get lost in the difficulties of life.
  • The act of playing helps to better understand our own rules, those of the community and the universe.

Activities: board games, improvisation theatre workshops, clown workshops

Whatever activity is going on, my role is to accompany the participants in the discovery of their imagination and creativity. Each activity is based on the five basic rules (respect, responsibility, autonomy, love and sharing).

  • Board games. We discover the place and together we establish its rules. Each person is responsible for what happens there. The rules of life as well as the rules of a game are the consequences of needs and specific choices which are changeable. To sum it up, we never fix the rules of the game and make them according to the public and with its full participation. We also create new games.
  • Improvisation theatre and clown workshops. Through small role-plays, the child discovers his inner being and expresses his feelings on the stage, while playing with his fears and his joys. I suggest themes and lead the workshops by following the rhythm and imagination of the participants. I sometimes call upon external speakers to bring in a new activity, or to enrich the experience of play.

Who are these activities for?

According to the attitude of the participants and according to the activity, I can welcome up to 20 people. I prefer mixing the ages as it enriches the group and allows for more balance in human relationships.

The place

Ideally, the place will be composed of a central space surrounded by several alcoves. This disposition allows me, from a central space, to be in contact with all that is happening in the surrounding small rooms. It equally allows the children who wish, to play by small groups, in a comfortable, cozy and quiet place. The central space will host the clown and Theatre workshops, as well as the board games of more than six participants.