The radio is as full and rich in expressiveness as the painting or the cinema. The sound can engender an authentic work. This activity consists of exploring radio and sounds as new means for creative education and self-learning and in producing audio CD, audio book, or book and CD. It develops faculties like self observation, concentration, inner and outer listening, imagination, communication, creativity, and the capacity to discover and express your own inner world through a personal project using vocal work, speech, sounds etc.

Matrimandir Symphony

Listen to: Matrimandir Symphony

Auroville (Tamil Nadu, India), Matrimandir, banyan tree and new fountain. If you close your eyes and listen to the sounds at Matrimandir, you will hear all the usual members of the orchestra: the crickets, the leaves of the Banyan rustling with the wind, and the chirping of birds. As a part of this back ground music there can be heard often the sounds from the villages close by. You will also hear the occasional screech from one of the small owls living in the Banyan tree.
And now, there is a new sound that has been added to the garden’s orchestra. Follow the voice of Ahilya, 14 years old student (Future school), who will guide you through the new Matrimandir garden soundscape, and will also offer to you two beautiful poems (R.M. Rilke and Harindranath Chabpadaya). Special thanks to John for the text of the Matrimandir newsletter and to the Russian Bells player.

Songbird girls

Listen to: Songbird girls

Meera, Hannah and Ahilya, the 3 songbird Girls from Auroville Deepanam School. Ahilya, 14 years old, and Hannah and Meera, 13 years old, are three songbird girls in the forest of Auroville. They love to sing and to share their passion with you. “If you sing, it doesn’t mean you have to be famous. If you are a singer you just sing”, affirms Hannah. “And what better singing school than your own bathroom”, adds Ahilya, a self-confessed, self-taught shower singing professional. Just open your heart again to the simple joy of singing whenever, whatever, wherever, as it will make your day better, all three girls agree. Here, Meera, the interviewer, joins the other two in singing about youth and strength, love and feelings… life. So, welcome to open your ears to the magical voices of the songbird girls!

Horse my friend

Listen to: Horse My Friend

Amongst the riding schools of Auroville, “Evergreen Farm” occupies a special place. Sarah, the creator and leader of the school, was inspired by Pat Parelli, the founder of the Natural Horse-man-ship approach. She affirms: “It’s not about teaching a technique, it’s all about learning how to “read” the horse”.

To know more click here Evergreen Horses

The little Prince and the Fox (radio drama)

Listen to: The Little Prince and the Fox

This chapter, number 21, from “The Little Prince”, a short fantasy novel written by Saint-Exupéry, is played by Sai (the prince), Atman (the fox) and Mira (the narrator). They are all 13 year-old students from Deepanam School.
The Little Prince arrives on Earth after visiting six other planets. Landing in the middle of the Sahara desert he meets a pilot who has just crashed. They become friends. Eventually, the Little Prince finds a rose garden. It surprises and depresses him as his rose (from his asteroid) had told him that she was the only one of her kind.
In this chapter, the Little Prince also befriends a fox, who teaches him that the important things in life are visible only to the heart. It also tells him that his time away from the rose will make the rose even more special to him. And that love makes a person responsible for the beings that he or she loves. The Little Prince realizes that, although there are many roses, his love for his rose makes her unique. He also understands that, therefore, he is responsible for her.

The Water Book, Jalam and Savita’s Big Voyage – Audio Version

Listen to: The Water Book, Jalam and Savita’s Big Voyage

This story shows the unusual relationship between a little girl, Savita (played by Ahilya) from a village of India and a lovely form of the spirit of Water, Jalam (played by Jesse). He takes her and her friend Sindhu (played by Yam) on a marvelous and complex journey of his, this essential element of the earth; water. Jalam shows them the many wonders of water, explaining scientific facts and new discoveries as well as the mismanagement by humans. He also points to how harmony of the water cycle may be restored. This audio version is based on the script of the paper book: “The Water Book: Jalam and Savita’s Big Voyage”, written by Sandrine and illustrated by Emanuele Scanziani.

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Music by Nadaka, Anoushka Shankar and from the album “The Earth is my friend – Children songs in 4 languages” (made in Auroville).

3 portraits for one Audio Book

Listen to: 3 portraits for one Audio Book
Ahelia (14 years old, Last school student), Jesse (theater teacher, actor) and Yam (10, TLC student) share their life in Auroville and their common passion for theater. Discover, along with their interviews, some extracts of their new performance: an audio book based on “The Water Book, Jalam and Savita’s Big Voyage” written by Sandrine.
A marvelous journey with the spirit of water named Jalam (played by Jesse), and 2 Indian children Savita and Sindhu (played by Ahelia and Yam), through the ecosystem and Water cycle, a compassionate story of friendship and collaboration with Nature. Jalam shows to them its many wonders, explains scientific facts and new discoveries as well the mismanagement done by humans and how to restore the Harmony. The paper version of the Water book (illustrated by Emanuele) exists in 4 languages (English, French, Tamil, and Italian). Special thanks to Ahelia, Jesse and Yam, to Andrea (AV radio) and Nadaka for the music.

Happy memories

Listen to: Happy memories
Satyamayi, Chandana, Abinash, Leela, Sai, Aatman, Mira, Aarnav, Hannah, and Datchiany, are all 12 to 14 years old and students of Deepanam School intimately sharing their very happiest memories. When you are a teenager in a city composed of 45 nationalities, in which language do you remember your inner stories? Are you sure this memory belongs to you only? And how deep does human unity run? Find out in this “sound painting” of memories, a workshop offered by Sandrine for Lilaloka. Thanks to Mahavir and Bhakti, Deepanam teachers.