Creation of books and games: Creating beautiful stories and new games for children, but also tools and books for educators are part of Lilaloka’s activities.

1, 2, 3 and a Star We-Be. Illustrations and author: Anna Oyevaar

This story of « 1 2 3 and a star We-be » is the introduction in a series of activities, where each story, with the use of our sacred tool, will guide us towards the discovery of the birth of shapes, lines and their number. We construct them. We relate them to our self, nature and our surrounding. We experience their specific shape and function, and start to realize we are part of a harmonious whole and all has its place and purpose.
For a lot of children mathematics is difficult to comprehend. By introducing number as a quality instead of only a quantity, we make them a live, we see their personality, they are part of us and everywhere around us and it is fun to play with them.
The illustrations of the book are simple, inviting to make your own story and illustrations.

The Water Book, Jalam and Savita’s big Voyage – Illustrations: Emanuele Scanziani. Author: Sandrine Denier

This story shows the unusual relation between a little girl, Savita, from a village of India, who meets a lovely form of the spirit of Water: Jalam. He takes her and her friend Sindu through the marvelous and complex journey of this essential element of the Earth, Water. Jalam shows to them its many wonders, explains scientific facts and new discoveries as well the mismanagement done by humans and how to restore the Harmony of the Water cycle.

Health Trek – Illustrations: Emanuele Scanziani. Author: Yvelise Vaugeois

“Health Trek” describes the initiatory route of Papui and Elay, two young children in search of hidden treasures behind ordinary life. During their trek to the top of a mountain, they navigate between “the inner regions” and “the world below” via a series of doorways with mysterious inscriptions. In this way, various unusual perspectives regarding the topic of health are revealed to them, all in a light and humoristic vein. Based on true events put in relation to the words of Mother and Sri Aurobindo, this illustrated story attempts to put forward another way of looking at the not always so easy journey through life in a physical body…