Up till today, 150 happy hearts have supported us so that we can build Lilaloka! Thank you to all! We have a team of 7 facilitators, 3 workers and have only one collective room finished. Chart 1 below shows our priorities for the year 2019. Chart 2 shows that we need € 73,300 / 53 lakhs rupees more in order to complete the building entirely. Chart 3 shows what we need in order for Lilaloka to be fully operative and welcome children of all ages (building completion, equipment, landscaping…).




Contribute Through Auroville Financial Service

If you have an Auroville Financial Service account, you can transfer a donation to account 240001 (Indian residents) or 0490 (Foreigners), mentioning « Lilaloka » as the purpose.

Please do inform us of any donation, so that we can follow up (write to

for Claiming tax relief

  • Foreigners who require a tax exemption are advised to route their donation to Auroville via the Auroville International Centre in their respective country (not possible in France, the Netherlands, please check with us for others).
  • Indian citizens who require a tax exempt receipt under section 80G or section 35.1.ii or 35.1.iii are advised to contact us at


Contribute in kind by giving us some equipment we need in Lilaloka:

  • For the activities: small objects and figurines of all kinds, paint brushes, paint, drawing materials, papers, figurines to be used as coins in a game, dice, mats, cushions, tables, all kinds of big pieces of cloth in cotton, puppets (people and animals), small dolls for role play (family set, white and black ones), puzzles and educational games for young children, children books (inspiring, positive) and books on Education (also new and inspiring!).
  • For the magical garden: tools, fountain, sculptures, broken tiles of all sorts, pump, trees, flowers, terracotta pots of all sizes, trees, plants, compost, stones (granite, lime, semi-precious stones to be inserted in walls, in the cascade)…