Invocation to Lilaloka on Lord Krishna’s Birthday

by Sandrine Denier – August 26, 2016 Dear Lilaloka, Today, on the anniversary in India of the God Krishna, I do not hesitate, I invoke you, impatient as I am to see you being born (as a mom in the 9th month of pregnancy, ripe for the discovery of the face of his long-awaited child): If you are ready, thank … Read More

Lilaloka’s Roof is coming up!

by Sandrine Denier – May 7, 2016 Happy! We’re very happy the roof is coming up up up! The welding work is finished, now everything needs to be assembled… First some metal pieces are put on top of the walls (see pictures), then the main beam comes on the walls to support the roof structure, the metal sheets are assembled, … Read More

Exploring oneself with Creative Radio

By Sandrine Denier – April 17, 2016 A Lilaloka activity offered to Deepanam School by Sandrine The creative radio sessions took place this year in August-September 2015 at Deepanam School with the class of 11/12 year old students. Bhakti, their teacher, initiated this project about self-esteem and emotions, using a poem titled “I’m” to be completed freely by the students. … Read More

NEWS from Lilaloka construction in India

By Sandrine Denier – January 25, 2016 The building of Lilaloka is currently under construction (by the end of February 2016, we hope to have put the roof: the metal work is going on, see photos below). Lilaloka is a project that has till now been supported by individuals and in many ways it’s beautiful to see what can be … Read More

Nature’s Theater, a Lilaloka activity offered by Anna

By Sandrine Denier – January 10, 2016 Anna, a Lilaloka team member, studied Art and Education and is a teacher and teacher trainer by profession. In Holland, she worked in experimental schools and schools for children with learning and behavior difficulties. She developed stories, activities and games through which we reconnect with nature, listening and becoming aware of the sacred … Read More


By Sandrine Denier – January 7, 2016 Lilaloka’s team wishes to share their knowledge and offer training to students and educators from all countries. This December 2015, Sandrine Denier, co-funder of Lilaloka project, has been invited  to set up the first Play of Painting studio of Malaysia by the owner of the “Process painting studio” of Kuala Lumpur. Over 2 … Read More

Jouer c’est apprendre a etre, 1er av café intéractif !

By Sandrine Denier – December 20, 2015 Nous avons le plaisir de partager avec vous le lien de la vidéo pour découvrir en différé (pour celles et ceux qui n’ont pu y assister ) le 1er café Auroville INTERACTIF entre Paris et Auroville qui eut lieu le samedi 12-12-2015 a l’atelier du Fil Rouge (merci a Gilberte Caron), un évenement … Read More

Lilaloka Land Celebration

By Sandrine Denier – August 31, 2015 What a beautiful celebration at Lilaloka Land (Auroville,Tamil Nadu,India) this 16th August 2015 ! Children of all ages playing around, discovering, creating, exploring, clearly feeling so much at home at Lilaloka (even if still under construction). Curious and enthusiastic adults as well visiting the building site,questioning, playing also with the children, all together … Read More

Nature’s Theatre, an introduction by Anna

By Sandrine Denier – August 11, 2015 Here is some pictures of Anna Oyevaar presentation at the Teacher Center at Auroville (South India), the 11th august2015: Anna (Art teacher and teacher trainer) shared her experience, her work and how she started to create her material and activity guided and inspired by the children themselves. Nature’s Theater is a playground where we … Read More

A Roof for Lilaloka

By Sandrine Denier – July 31, 2015 Dear friends, supporters and well-wishers, Recently two generous donations have filled us with joy and hope: We believed to have enough to restart the beautiful construction site of Lilaloka stopped since December 2014 due to lack of funds. But yesterday Anan, our builder, has taught us that according to his calculations, and the … Read More

Planting “Prosperity” at Lilaloka Land

By Sandrine Denier – April 19, 2015 Since 2 years, Rajan, active member of Lilaloka, has been creating a nursery at his house in preparation for the magical garden of Lilaloka. The plants have recently been transported to the Lilaloka site to start to prepare some sections of the garden. Today (18th of April 2015) was really magic since we … Read More

Inviting beauty to lilaloka

By Sandrine Denier – April 3, 2015 That’s the magic of an international community place like Auroville (Tamil Nadu,India) based on giving and brotherhood! Eva, a painter in Auroville, donated Lilaloka 3 paintings radiating the spirit of childhood, the spirit of Lilaloka. Here is a picture of some of the members of Lilaloka around one of the paintings and other … Read More

Lilaloka entrance stone and the inner child

By Sandrine Denier – March 14, 2015   These pictures offer a glimpse of Claire renovating the beautiful entrance stone of Lilaloka. Claire is one of our well-wishers and a resource person for Play of Painting (see “Activities” page). The entrance stone represents at the same time the physical child and the inner child or  “psychic entity” inside all of … Read More

Visiting Lilaloka Land

By Sandrine Denier – March 5, 2015 Taking advantage that the construction of Lilaloka building is on pause (time to gather enough funds to do the roof in one go), it is a pleasure to guide interested people through Lilaloka Land and to share with them about the concept, the activities, the team etc. Each room has already its own … Read More

Love is the word

By Sandrine Denier – February 10, 2015 A sharing from Marianne. I would like to share one of the magical experiences I had with my team mate Persian Sky. Persian is a very gifted horse with a golden heart. We are working together since 10 years with children who need some special attention and sometimes adults. The one I m … Read More

Balancing lilaloka land: a fairy tale!

By Sandrine Denier – January 27, 2015 Joel (a magician with a big hat and long hair) came yesterday on Lilaloka Land (for the second time), and with 2 magic wands (borrowed to the well-equipped fairy Yvelise), and with the help of Rajan, Caroline and the watchman of Lilaloka, did a great job in further improving the energetics  of Lilaloka … Read More

A sharing of the 24th january fun and fundraising lilaloka event at auroville

By Sandrine Denier – January 26, 2015 Lots of fun, smiles, music, flowers and delicious food for this Lilaloka fundraising lunch by the beach of Sri Ma at Auroville the 24th January 2015. See below the photos of this big day which have been a success. Gratitude from Lilaloka team to all the well-wishers, supporters, friends and children in their … Read More

Water has arrived on Lilaloka buiding site!

By Sandrine Deneir – November 17, 2014 To get water on Lilaloka land has been a long and challenging adventure. But finally after 7 months of building with only water tanks provided by Auroville Water service, here it is, the precious and indispensable Water Connection, that we need so much not only for building but also for our magical garden. … Read More

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of LILALOKA, the 8 April 2014

By Sandrine Denier – April 13, 2014 Lilaloka,the Laying of the Foundation Stone, VIDEO (by Manohar, click here): LILALOKA: The Laying of the Foundation Stone (46 photos by Manohar,click here):

Marking the Outlines of Lilaloka’s Building

By Sandrine Denier – August 4, 2013 One more big step for Lilaloka on 31 of July 2013: We have drawn (with sticks and ropes) the outline of the future building on the Lilaloka site. You can see a part of Lilaloka team in action: Yvelise, Sandrine,Veronique and Anna, with: the architect Sigi, the builder Anan, and the caretaker Rajan. … Read More

LILALOKA’s events in 2013

By Sandrine Denier – April 18, 2013 The presentation of 26thof February at the Townhall : Introduction to integral education.

Where are we at now?

By Sandrine Denier – April 18, 2013 Make a dream become a reality is always an ambitious challenge. Along the way towards the materialization of Lilaloka, we went through all kinds of initiations, experiences, learning (architecture, fundraising, administrative processes, etc.): perseverance and patience indispensable!


By Sandrine Denier – January 10, 2013 Choosing has been a delicate matter; who was our contractor going to be, the one in whose hands the dream would take shape, our sculptor –builder of the phase 1 of LILALOKA? Suspense… Eventually our choice went to ANAN, a young man born in Auroville andwho studied with the “companions du devoir” in … Read More


By Sandrine Denier – December 8, 2012 Our coordinators speak in pictures and words, about their workshops this month (happening in different places in Auroville until Lilaloka is built.)  


By Sandrine Denier – November 5, 2012 As the ground work is about to start, a lot of very concrete challenges for our team: amongst other things, organizing the marking of the land, its clearing and cleaning, learning to know the land in order to better respect it (reliefs , how the energy flows, water and air circulation, trees to … Read More