Balancing lilaloka land: a fairy tale!

By Sandrine Denier – January 27, 2015

Joel (a magician with a big hat and long hair) came yesterday on Lilaloka Land (for the second time), and with 2 magic wands (borrowed to the well-equipped fairy Yvelise), and with the help of Rajan, Caroline and the watchman of Lilaloka, did a great job in further improving the energetics  of Lilaloka Land. Joel has skillfully placed underground 3 tubes (filled with? Secret recipe but for sure a pinch of gold!) to canceled the effects of 3 bad earth cracks which were running under the building and disturbing its energy.  He then patiently checked the energy level and  its quality with his intuition and the 2 sensitive wands.

A great side-effect of this balancing has been to enlarge the width of a sacred line that runs through the inner garden, the Play of Painting and Computer-based Self Learning and Radio rooms!

Joel emphases our great  luck to have this special sacred current crossing Lilaloka building :”10 minutes on it recharges you like 4 hours of sleep” he says again!  We will surely have to prepare this area so that the children can enjoy it fully.

Great news: Lilaloka building phase one is now radiating a peacefully joyful and recharging  energy!

Tube containing the balancing element