A Roof for Lilaloka

By Sandrine Denier – July 31, 2015

Dear friends, supporters and well-wishers,

Recently two generous donations have filled us with joy and hope: We believed to have enough to restart the beautiful construction site of Lilaloka stopped since December 2014 due to lack of funds.

But yesterday Anan, our builder, has taught us that according to his calculations, and the new estimates, the costs of materials having increased, the objective is not yet totally achieved.

In short: we worked hard and collected 11 Lacks and today it takes 14 to build the roof in one go.

Anan will not take the risk to start without having the required total: to stop the roof in the course of work would risk damaging our beautiful wooden columns and metal structure that will be put in the first one and must be quickly covered and protected . As well our walls already up wait for this protection for so many months. And the monsoon which seems to begin already…

So no more waiting , August 15th goal in sight!

Let’s find those 3  lacks of Rupees (about 4500 euros) for the birthday of Sri Aurobindo and cheerfully relaunch the construction of Lilaloka for this special day in India and Auroville.

We write to you to pray with us, to send positive thoughts and even , if you feel to, participate in this dynamics by speaking about it around you  (Lilaloka documents 2015 to download here: http://lilaloka.org/documents/ ), or still by a symbolic gift (or consequent) if you wish.

The online donations is really easy (by specifying for Lilaloka) with this link: http://www.auroville.com/donations/

Or still the other options explained: http://lilaloka.org/to-contribute/

The 15 August is a perfect date and I’m sure we can do it if we act all together for Lilaloka because it is a beautiful dream for the children of today and tomorrow.

Thank you to write to us in case of good news please, at: lilaloka@auroville.org.in

With Love and Gratitude for your faithful support and your contribution so precious,

And wishing you a happy blue moon and prosperity, while awake birds and hum of the Indian dawn.

Sandrine and Lilaloka team