Our Aspiration

Lilaloka, the place of Play (in Sanskrit), offers an educational approach centered on Joy that assists children in becoming the creator of their own lives. Albert Einstein said “Play is the highest form of research,” and play allows the natural learning process to enfold with joy. Read More …

The Team

We are professionals in the field of education for many years and work with children of all ages (even with adults), various nationalities, with and without specific needs. Each one of us has developed her own special activity. Read More …

Our Location

The project of Lilaloka is located in Tamil Nadu, Southern India, more precisely in Auroville, an international NGO supported by Unesco. Lilaloka’s site covers one and half acres, and is located next to an indigenous forest in Auroville’s cultural zone, dedicated to education. Read More …

Latest News

There’s a lot going on and we want to share it with you. Stop by our little corner of the Internet, kick up your feet, and stay a while. If you feel so inclined, we’d love for you to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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Invocation to Lilaloka on Lord Krishna’s Birthday

Dear Lilaloka, Today, on the anniversary in India of the God Krishna, I do not hesitate, I invoke you, impatient ...
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Roof Lilaloka3- May 2016

Lilaloka’s Roof is coming up !

  Happy! We’re very happy the roof is coming up up up! The welding work is finished, now everything needs ...
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Exploring oneself with Creative Radio

A Lilaloka activity offered to Deepanam School by Sandrine The creative radio sessions took place this year in August-September 2015 ...
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NEWS from Lilaloka construction in India

  The building of Lilaloka is currently under construction (by the end of February 2016, we hope to have put ...
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