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“Each individual is a special manifestation in the universe; therefore his true path has to be absolutely unique”


Lilaloka, the place of Play (in Sanskrit), offers a new educational approach centered on Joy in order to become our own life’s creator. Through Joy the child blossoms, finds his path, gains trust in his potentialities. Joy connects us to our inner child, to others and gives meaning to life: it is a crucial value to recover in today’s world. Lilaloka offers various activities, based on self-discovery and spontaneous self-learning through Play, which allow the child to reveal himself as an individual and amongst others, without competition or judgment. Playing is learning to be and educate oneself to Joy. A child who plays and feeds his inner Joy will be creative, independent and will easily socialize. Later on he will be able to actively open new ways.

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The Play of Painting

Discovered by Arno Stern, this activity allows a free self expression and self discovery, and respects the rhythms and uniqueness of each child, beyond all competitiveness.

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Individual Play Sessions

Yvelise offers a space wherein the child is free to discover himself through the medium of Play, free to express what he has to express, in his unique way.

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Nature’s Theatre

Nature’s Theater is the playground where the One becomes the many and the many become one. Once we draw a point, just one little point we have the beginning of all creation.

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Evolving games

Respect of all and of each one, responsibility for one’s actions and speech/words, autonomy on the individual as well as collective level, love and sharing are essential parts of my work.

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specialized library

This library will be a place of knowledge, creativity and discoveries, dedicated to the child. It will be open to all, and will also offer a section on education for adults.

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magical garden

Contact with nature is source of peace, joy and discoveries. Lilaloka’s garden plays an important role: connection with Earth.

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Miniature Fairy Gardens

Working in small groups, Rajan guides children and adults in making their own fairy gardens and experiencing the nature’s spiriṭ.

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Creative Radio

The sound can engender an authentic work. This activity consists of exploring radio and sounds as new means for creative education and self-learning and in producing audio CD, audio book, or book and CD.

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Creation of Books and Games

Creating beautiful stories and new games for children, but also tools and books for educators are part of Lilaloka’s activities.

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Computer Based Self- Learning

Children learn what they are interested in by themselves. The Internet is a huge database and a storehouse of knowledge. When children access to it in a carefully guided environment, it becomes an excellent tool for self-learning, projects and researches (an activity proposed from 8+ age only).


Lilaloka will also offer trainings in some of the activities. This will allow us to develop links with other educational organizations across India and the world, in order to share knowledge and enrich each other.

Foreseen Activities

Other units and activities will be welcomed as Lilaloka grows: a music room, a room for Sandbox, a game library, a hall for collective activities such as “Awareness Through the Body”, Free dance, singing, yoga, relaxation, theater and story-telling… A small pool for Watsu, Awareness Through the Body in water etc. and a big library.

Lilaloka is a project under construction, therefore some of the activities are not yet running


The project of Lilaloka takes place in Auroville, Southern India. Auroville is an international township which “wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities”.
Lilaloka’s site covers one and half acres, and is located next to an indigenous forest in Auroville’s cultural zone, a zone dedicated to education.

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